Why First Impression Matters


The Power of The First Impression

Most people fall in love at first sight. Is that what it is? No, this basically happens because of the first impression people have on us. May be because of a glimpse of a smile, or because of an eye contact.

When we are young we want to impress others but when we grow older in age and we get matured we receive the real sense that it’s not all about the looks. It’s all about how a person acts in a certain situation, the way they dress, the way they talk and most importantly how they behave and treat others. If a person is excellent in every area of these, they take our hearts unintentionally.

Likewise today we are going to talk about how first impressions affect us when we go to an interview or
a job or any situation in our day to day lives.

First impressions and interviews?

CV s are important. Yes, you do need a lot of educational qualifications to get your dream post perhaps.
But actually in an interview they don’t check your CV. What they want to see is , you.

And that is where first impressions take place. It could be just a glance but that could bring all the
advantages you need to be succeeded. And all of these are based on your appearance, your body language, and mostly your mannerisms.

Stepping into an interview can often engender nervousness and a bit of intimidation. This can set the stage for a poor interview. Walk into your interview with the feeling of confidence and upbeat. A recruiter is more likely to hire a candidate who begins the interview with a strong handshake and warm smile than one who fidgets due to nervousness.

The best candidates are those who go into an interview with a relaxed and upbeat attitude. Recruiters are not looking for candidates who have all the answers; they want to hire employees who are good problem solvers and ready to try new ideas. If you have a solid work history, smile a lot, can laugh and can easily handle a tough problem by working through it with a well-defined strategy, then you will go a long way toward winning over a recruiter.

Hope this helps, Good Luck!

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