Is 2019 GIT Exam Online? What’s It? Are You Ready?



I think you already know that 2019 GIT examination is going to be held as an online examination. Many students are confused about this exam, because this is the first time that the G.C.E.(A/L) students are facing an online exam.

But there’s nothing to worry…! We’ll show you the path..

Today let’s discuss what is an online exam and how to face it…

What is an Online Exam?

  • An online exam is giving a question series through internet to provide answers within a given period of time.
  • So, to face an online exam, the candidate should have internet facility and either a computer or smart phone or a tablet.

We guess that the government will provide internet facility and computers through the computer labs at schools to sit for the GIT  exam at different time schedules.

  • The students have to select the answers for the questions within the assigned time for each question.
  • The other thing is that the students can’t copy the answers from nearby students. Because the order of questions will not be the same for every student.

Ex: Question number one of one student  may not be the question number one of the other student who is sitting next to him/her.


How to face an Online Exam ?

The Examination Department has created a web page as a guidance for the students to face the GIT exam successfully. Let’s see how to work on it..

Follow the steps below…

  • Connect to Internet and open a web browser from your computer or phone.(Opera, ,Chrome, Internet explora,Safari)
  • Type as in the address bar and enter.
  • When you enter the above link, the following web page will be displayed. It is the web page created by Examination Department to provide a guidance for students as a pre-preparation for the examination.


You can see that just like in websites like Facebook, this page also consists ‘User name’ and ‘password’ buttons in the left side and ‘create new account’ button in the right side.

To go through the practice session, first you have to register there. As we guess, in the examination also you will have to register or login through the user name and password given in the admission.

At first, Let’s see how to register for this.


As we don’t have an account yet, first we have to create an account.

Click the ‘Create new account’ button as shown through the figure 1.2.

  • Then the system will display a form as shown below in figure 1.3.

In that form, you have to fill up username, password, first name, last name, NIC, address, e-mail and your phone number.

When you create your account follow up the steps given below.


  • Username: EEEFA123

For the username, you should include your name and few numbers.

  • Password : EEEFApassword321

When setting a password, you should give few English letters both simple and capital, and a symbol.

  • First name : EEEFA

Enter your first name

  • Last name : Member

Enter your last name

  • NIC : 199511742V

Enter your National Identity Card number

  • Address : 1/A, Main Road,…..

Enter our permanent address

Enter your valid e-mail address.

  • Phone number : 077#######

Enter your mobile number.


Re-check the details you entered and enter the ‘create new account’ button after verifying the accuracy of entered details.


6) Then you will come back to the ‘login’ option. There, enter the username and password that you used early to register and press the login button (figure 1.4)


7) When you click the login button, you can see a page as shown in figure 1.5.

The items in this page are explained below.

  1. Home- The page currently you are in, is the home.
  2. My course – It displays assignments completed by you.
  3. GIT course – It takes you to the GIT online exam oriented guidance.


Click on GIT course (number 5) and go ahead.


8) The system will display a page as given in figure 1.6

Click the ‘Enroll me’ button.


9)  Then select the medium that you would prefer to face and answer the questions and click on it. ( figure 1.7)


10) A page will display as given in figure 1.8.

There, you can see a time limit as 12 minutes for 10 questions. This is just for practice. In the examination, you will receive 2 hours for 40 MCQ questions.

Then , click on ‘Attempt Quiz’.(figure 1.8)


After that you will receive a message and click ‘Start attempt’ button in it as displayed in figure 1.9

Here you can see how they ask questions from you.

  1. The question
  2. Relevant answers
  3. Question series (This allows you to omit questions and answer next questions.)
  4. Count down time

To answer the given 40 questions, you will be given 3hours.

After answering all the questions, click the ‘finish attempt’ button in the quiz navigation. Then the system will display the questions that you have answered and  not answered.

Double check it and finish the answering by clicking on ‘finish the quiz’ button.

After that, the followings will be displayed as in figure 1.11.


  1. The date and time you started answering, your assignment level, the date and time you finished answering, the time taken to answer the questions and your grade.
  2. The questions you answered and your answer.
  3. The correct Answer

Click on ‘Finish review’ button and finish reviewing answers & questions.

Then the figure 1.12 shows your marks and Grade.

By following these steps, you can complete answering without any issue.

The Examination Department has also announced that the questions in this web page are updating daily. Remember that they will not give the same questions for your exam, this is just for your practice !


There’s nothing to worry. It’s very easy to face an online examination. Once You just get a simple practice, you will be able to finish up  answering the questions very easily.

So my dear sisters and brothers, I wish you All the Best on behalf of Team EEEFA to face the GIT Exam successfully and to score best results…

මෙම ලිපිය සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න

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    How about the structure of the paper? Is it as usual or any changes are there and when will the exam be held?

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      The structure is same as in the model paper provided by the Examination Department and a confirmed date for the exam has not been anounced yet..

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    Will we only have only mcq 40 questions???what about part 2??

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