Future Minds Expo 2019 – Colombo


‘Future Minds Expo 2019’ is a higher education exhibition that is going to be held from 14th of June to 16th of June 2019 at BMICH. It has also being planned to held ‘Future Minds’ exhibition later at Kandy as well as at Galle. This is organized by the Junior Old Boys Association of Nalanda College by joining hands with the Sri Lankan Government.

If you are still confused about what, how and where you should start your higher studies, “Future Minds” will support you to find the right path. The main objective of this exhibition is to provide the career guidance and financial support service to the youth of the country. The theme of this exhibition is “No one left behind”.

The participants can get information about the higher educational opportunities in the island as well as the opportunities available in foreign universities of the countries like UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Japan, India etc. At the exhibition first, the abilities if the participants will be identified through a pshychometric test done by some councellors and then they will be directed to the most appropriate educational field they deserve.

The organizers also have planned to help the youth by showing the way of accessing the financial resources required to have higher education.

Not only the youth, the parents also can participate for this event to decide about the future higher studies of the children.

This is the best chance for you to select the most appropriate field of higher education after being well informed and become an expert in whatever field you love to succeed.

“Future Minds” is waiting for you to provide the career guidance in line with the field of higher study you choose. So, don’t miss out this golden opportunity and visit “Future Minds 2019 ” to enrich your life by choosing the right path of higher education with the help of the experts, which will guide you to have a superb career life…..

“Future Minds 2019 ” is officially sponsored by the following institutions.

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